Today’s broadcast is a declaration of love to Udo Siegfriedt, my husband, comrade on all paths, mostly towards common musical discoveries, always full of joy.
And it’s my very personal gift for Udo’s birthday!
The songs chosen are more or less obvious messages, starting with “Something Stupid”, a cover version by Martin Dieselhorst Vierer, the band in which Udo is lead singing and playing drums for decades.
“I Want you” by Bob Dylan was our wedding song when we said YES almost 13 years ago.
Infinite love to you, Udo.


1. Leadbelly - Turn Yo’ Radio On

2. Martin Dieselhorst Vierer - Something Stupid

3. The Cramps - She Said

4. Stevie Wonder - Sugar

5. Tom Zé - Mã

6. Tuomari Nurmio - Vinoja Sanoja

7. Robert Mitchum - From A Logical Point Of View

8. Tom Jones - Ain’t No Grave

9. Townes Van Zandt - Snake Song

10. Elvis Presley - Blue Moon

11. Johnny Cash - Rose Of My Heart

12. Cambodian Space Project - I’m Afraid of Love

13. Quincy Jones - Whisper Not

14. Miles Davis - Black Satin

15. The Nirvana Sitar & String Group - The Letter

16. Nina Simone- I Put a Spell on You

17. Bob Dylan – I Want You