For this last Beirut x Berlin special, Your Mom's invite DJ, producer, and promoter Almevan (Discordance) to feature her techno set recorded in Beirut during the artist residency exchange. More info about the residency on and more sounds by ...Read More

live in der UniversitätsBibliothek Chemnitz (Kosmos Festival) 17/06/22 :: ein Tribut an DANIIL CHARMS geboren in Petersburg (1905) - verhungert in Leningrad (1942) :: Psychogramme vom Homo Sovieticus zu abseitiger Populärmusik :: Read More

Mit Lulu und Orbi! Replay vom 10.10.2020 Read More

Replay 15.06.2019 When a deportation is executed, it is the last ring of the Slavery and Colonial chain. All racial, racist and murderous policies that come before are there to legitimize and legalize and facilitate the last ring of the chain. In ...Read More

Replay 21.05.2022 Today’s broadcast is a declaration of love to Udo Siegfriedt, my husband, comrade on all paths, mostly towards common musical discoveries, always full of joy. And it’s my very personal gift for Udo’s birthday! The songs chosen are more or less ...Read More