This is Isabel coming to you from Radio Ragazza. Morgen ist Wahl in Deutschland. Morgen die Wahl. Heute die Flamme. CHEAP Flames. Born in Flames, a 16mm film from the early 1980s by Lizzie Borden. Nach der Wahl ist vor der Wahl. Years after the socialist revolution, problems of racism, sexism and class discrimination remain. Intersectionality is needed more than ever before. This is Honey coming to you from Phoenix Radio. We have to act now. Before the election. Vor der Wahl ist Nach der Wahl. At a time when gender studies is unjustly parodied and hastily dismissed in the mainstream and the queer anti-deutsche activist scene alike why not prick up your ears instead to the wise words of Honey and Isabel and Zella and Hilary. Stop deliberating dialectically! Stop diluting the distinctive differences that divide dumb dangerousness from the damn productive interventions coming from the movements that matter! We are born in flames. CHEAP Flames. It’s time to return with Jacqueline Rose to what feminism has to tell us. Claudine Clark sees the party lights, do you? Talk to your mother like Rainer Werner Fassbinder! Listen to Angela Davis like Meshell Ndegeocello! Listen to Born in Flames like CHEAP.