by JD Zazie Tonight Turbulence wishes to accompany you into an abstract world created by the dialogue between field recordings I have recorded, excerpts from some of my musical projects and music by other artists. Enjoy the listening! Read More

Three crawlers decided to meet at one point a little bit longer. With Worm as their temporary residence, a continuous cycle took place where sounds were made, regurgitated and eventually brought to the surface. Hessel Veldman (NL), Kamilė Rimkutė (LT) and Ruben ...Read More

ENDZEIT FREQUENZ #03 Horror Film Musik In der dritten Folge von ENDZEIT FREQUENZ lassen Volkan T error & Toby Dope den Hörer den musikalischen Horror spüren. Es werden Songs aus den Filmen Dawn of the Dead, Woodoo - Schreckensinsel der Zombies, ...Read More

‘Open Wave-Receiver’ is an audio how-to guide from Shortwave Collective. In this piece, we share instructions on how to construct self-powered radio receivers, from the print version of our forthcoming 'how-to-guide' for Make Magazine. The work collages sounds of ourcollective, ...Read More

Marcos Valle - Jesus Meu Rei Gebrüder Engel - Berliner Surreale Jeanette - Don't say Goodnight To A Lady Of Spain Louis Philippe - This Puzzle Of Mine Collage - Suur Tamm Love - Hummingbirds Jon Shit, Schnepfendreckschnitten- Im Kernerhaus {gehen die Damen ein und aus) Ja ...Read More

Melodramatische Kontemplation im LO-FI Whirlpool Avec Murat Üf Yaa I Kahverengi Karton Ayi I Hey Rabies I Kağit Kalem Makas I Faten Kanaan I Dry Cleaning I Dean Blunt I Rachel Lyn Read More

In this episode, we hear from: * Michelle Hayner and Ted Knudsen, presenters of the Spaßbremse podcast (, on busting myths of a progressive Germany. * Investigative journalist Basma Mostafa on why we should be protesting around the world as Egypt hosts the COP27 ...Read More

Wie bei seinem Label und seinen DJ-Sets geht es Markus Detmer auch im Staubgold Radio darum, selten gehörte Musik abseits des Mainstreams zu präsentieren. Musik, die aus dem Rahmen fällt - ob Exotica, Jazz, Punk, Krautrock, Reggae oder elektronische Musik ...Read More

at dawn, summer and winter, we often had the most explicit thoughts. but did they last beyond midday? so, in the middle of the forest, the RADIOEREVAN team tries its hand at a bit of research. Read More