“For the occasion of radioart106’s request for a mix of spontaneous fresh unreleased material, I crafted a 58 minute soundtrack from disparate files and sounds I forgot I even made and had. The mix oscillates between a fusion of abstract bass moves, rap acapellas, beat science and electronica to moody cinematic soundscapes strewn together from bygone eras which also reminded me once more, how timeless sound and composition may be.”

The mix contains samples and remixes from:
Tommy Johnson - Big Road Blues
Youtube cover to Sparkle and R-kelly (acapella) ‘be careful’
A track with Yaki Levy (drums) and Shai Yuval (piano)
Vox of Liz Chalozin Dovrat

Ran Slavin, is an independent artist, filmmaker, sound designer and music producer. His explorative approach to art and sound work encompasses hybrid music territories, narrative and experimental cinema, immersive video-sound installation, 3D animated films. His monograph artist book ‘Shapeshifter’ has just been published.