Infinite Livez and Tex Royale rinse out your music live on air!! Expect a show of 100% submitted music. Look out for some exclusives and genuine CORKERS in all that’s bleepy, glitched and electrified. Read More

A Soundscape Poetry special presented by Valquire Veljkovic, narrated by Marina. More info about YMA long-time collaborator and multi-hyphenate artist and technologist on and Underher, Eleonora - Seeking Beastie Respond - Syncopy (Blawan's Trecther Mechanics) Habischman - Morse Felix Lorusso, Kamika, Brojanowski - ...Read More

präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig :: Gedichte aus dem Nachlaß von Jörg Fauser vermischt mit Sounds aus der ewigen Jukebox :: Join the show, folks! Read More

The Zero Hour is going to present, introduce and point out to the listeners new music. Music which is worth to be presented and introduced to a new wasted generation. Tune In, Turn On, Burn Out !!! - Severija, Nikko Weidemann Weidemann - Zu Asche, Zu ...Read More

In this months show we discuss in what way we are defined or overdefined by our professional work (or not), the difficulty of navigating our professional lives and our political engagement and activism in the context of ...Read More

Growing up in the small village of Kharagauli, Anushka Chkheidze (born 1997) began singing in the choir at the age of 11. She herself describes the time spent there as magical and believes that her music ...Read More