Berlin, often called an open city is an interesting place full of historical nuances and tragic consequences. We the strangers seem to have chosen to come and live here i suppose because of the our ability to remain anonymous while having when we choose it to make acquaintances with kindred spirits of our own choosing. Considered one of the most liberal cities in Europe, we would like to ask…what is it makes this city what it is?? The host Fetesh Tarekegn, an artist and gardener living in Berlin will have a conversation about this topic with Julian Boris and Sabine Strauch, both long term residents and people who have seen the city change ..for better or worse.

Fetewei Tarekegn in conversation with Daniel Thylman of the Incredible Herrengdeck.

Today’s show will be a continuation and perhaps the last in a program focused on and about Berlin. Today’s Guest is Daniel Thyllmann, a school mate and member of the famous Band ‘The incredible herrengdeck’. We will talk about growing in Berlin, as opposed to growing up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and what the culture of Berlin was, is and will be…