Macedonian multimedia artist, cultural producer, radio host, curator, label owner, mountain climber and nature lover Toni Dimitrov, has been working in the field of sound art, experimental electronic music and radio for more than 20 years. Dimitrov made his way into the new experimental music and sound art scene with his solo projects, bands, collaborative releases, radio art and art installations. He is the curator of the labels ‘post global recordings’ and ‘élan vital recordings’. He participated at the sound art exhibition Audiosphere Sound Experimentation 1980–2020 at Museo Reina Sofía Madrid, curated by Francesco Lopez. Dimitrov’s recent professional engagements are on projects related to political analysis of media at the Institute of Communications (Macedonian Institute for Media) and the Agency for Audio and Audio-Visual Services (AVMU). Currently he is the director of the city cultural center ‘Cultural and Information Center – Skopje’.

About the creations

Non-Verbal Communication (2020) The starting point of Eco’s semiotics is the fact that, in both industrialized and nature-based civilizations, human beings are evolving in “systems of signs”. A distinguished feature of Eco’s theory is that in addition to words and language, it also addresses non-linguistic and even natural signs, which do signify, based on a code or previous learning. The sender and receiver must share a common code, that according to Eco is, “a series of rules that will allow one to attribute a signification to the sign”. In this sound piece, you can hear a discussion between frogs, bees, rain, goats, cat, firework… No humans were involved in this discussion, and as you can hear the communication still works.

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Macédoine: the utopian South VS. the dystopian West (2017) A sound research that includes a discussion about the country Macedonia and/or continent Europe where it belongs, on the political, social, cultural and historical level, but as well geographically compared to the west. Through sound, I enter some aspects of Macedonian life; nature, politics, people… as an anthropological and sociological sound map of this south-east European country, presented as a utopia vis-à-vis the dystopian west. Many questions can be raised here, but let’s focus on one: could the identity processes of the west be implemented on our local contexts or vice versa?

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How South Becomes North (Long Live Macedonia, Long Live Republic of North Macedonia, 2019) Sound documentary about Macedonia changing its name from Macedonia into North Macedonia. Several hundred people have protested against Prespa agreement and changing the state name in front of parliament over the past years without any success. The illegal government was still pushing its agenda against the will of the people of Macedonia, expressed at a low turnout referendum. The sound piece contains field recordings from some of the protests in the summer of 2018, and also other related documentary materials from parliamentary sessions, news, etc.

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Against Civilization (2022) part of the split release ‘Dystopian 001’, showcasing the more abstract, dark, obscure and politically infused side of Dimitrov’s sound. It is inspired by everyday life during the last several years, realizing dystopian visions and dark predictions. We are all aware that the future of our civilization is not bright, but that doesn’t mean we are not living in an exciting epoch. ‘Against Civilization’ is a longer piece, presenting the dark side of the mystical long form experimentations and field recordings of Sound art naturalist Toni Dimitrov. Through this piece he is trying to explore the potential of change for society.