Welcome To Club Weirdo
Not really, just a bunch of inventive dreamers with other things on their mind than toilet paper, kids
and hamsters. Mistakes, Math and Multiple feedback are interesting for the creative mind. Strap
yourself in for a ride all the way from the monophonic universe of the reel to reel 50s and up to the
futuristic now with the latest of the wouw! We stop by Iceland a couple of times and we loop a
simple frase from a pop song and expand the message infinitely. France is providing oxygen for
all, so jump in and get ready for take off.
Your host: Phtalo / Heidi Mortenson

Let me take you to the dance floor. House shall be played and house shall be shared! My name is
Heidi Mortenson aka Phtalo and I’m gonna delve into the joy of discovering dance music from
back when synths and drum machines became available to young people with bedroom studios
and turntables. I’ll reveal a line up of electronic inspiration through the decades. We’ll talk about
the tracks played and nerd out a little on the music production. Mostly I’ll fill up your haus with
house and electronic magic, maybe you’ll dance in the kitchen, soothe your mood while working,
or just cool & calm nod your head while on the U-bahn. Welcome to a place for music lovers of all
genders & colors. Mi casa es tu casa!

Lily Greenham - Trykfejl
Hanne Darboven - 2 (zwei hoch zwei)
Mika Vainio - Teutons
Laurie Spiegel - A Garden
Heidi Mortenson - Pæls
Bochum Welt - Entering The Warp
Berglind Agustsdottir - Fiskurinn Treysti
Air - Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi (Dopplereffekt Remix)
Pauline Anna Strom - I Still Hope
Delia Derbyshire - Mattachin
aya - the only solution i have found is to simply jump higher
Arthur Russel - Wax The Van
JohnAlsoBennett - Nobody here
Heidi Mortenson - Feelings
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Odi Et Amo
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene IV
Gem Club - [Birds]