CHEAP Skin Tag

CHEAP continues its run of shows with glamo international stars of scum, screen and sewer. Tonight, a carefully orchestrated encounter with the legendary skin tagger Maximilian Brauer and his bag of tricks. Along for the ride and in supportive solemnity, the brilliant and dashing Jonathan Berger. Our banter and focused conversation takes us from tatooed innards to German Errinerungskultur (thanks to the great Herbert Achternbusch), from solidarity with Palestinians forbidden to publicly commemorate the Nakba to the diaries of beloved LA post-punk artiste Sean De Lear. No More, Ernie and Petie, Dalida & Alain Delon (the deadbeat dad of the recently deceased Ari Boulogne!!), Thawra & Kaveh, Tina and Ike Turner, Zo/Zo and Sandy Lam with “Take My Breath Away” join in on the festivities.