Engin Ergönültaş - Minaret shadow :
“In the space left behind by the finished sela, sister Sultan realizes that what she wants is not to ‘die’, but that she is afraid of dying. In fact, she wants to disappear suddenly, not to die. Death is hard work. Let it perish. Let the cats perish along with it. If it dies, who will take care of them. Let nothing be left behind. dresses, clothes, shoes, old pictures.. Let it all disappear. Let the house be clean and empty. Let the new tenants move in. But, they should not say that there is a woman here.More than just disappearing out of nowhere, being never born is what she really wants. To be there, where she was before she was born. To have never lived, with no memories, nothing. Neither she knew herself, nor did she know him.Not even a soul or an afterlife. He is most afraid of it. He doesn’t want to see anything again, even if it’s not from hell but heaven. If good things are going to happen, he doesn’t want them either. He doesn’t want to remember good memories either.”