This session is the first part of a few thoughts the ontology of the image and an experimental task and call out to all people listening to create a collaborative film on radio by expanding visual arts (like film) into pure language, words, to experiment and learn from the difference between words, a pure virtual construct, and the image based on pure perception, which is given in the object itself.

Send recordings to: [email protected]
Description of the task: In a random moment or the moment when you read this, look at the image you see right now in front of your eyes. Describe it using as many words as possible, saying as much as possible to describe what you see. Record yourself (audio) describing it. This will be a scene. The aim is to create a collaborative film on radio with different scenes that different people will send and broadcast this expanded film on radio in a future Gypt Sessions radio show.

Contributions by:
Unai Ruiz Ameztoy (Zine Lab, San Sebastian, multidisciplinary creator)
Lichun Tseng (Filmwerkplaats lab, Rotterdam, Taiwanese filmmaker and artist)
Giorgos Efthimiou (Pugnant Film Series, Athens, filmmaker, writer, stage director & curator)
Rizki Lazuardi (artist and curator, part of Lab Laba-Laba and Indeks, Indonesia)
Andrea Saggiomo (70FPS, expanded cinema, performance, theater - Italy)
Işıl Karataş (Department of European Ethnology, University of Vienna)
Igor Dimitri (Portugese filmmaker)
Sohorab Rabbey (contemporary Bangladeshi Artist)
Josephine Garbe (German artist)
Josue L. Velazco (random guy)
excerpt from Jean-Marie Straub interview
and Geanina Gypt


Conceptual session with Geanina Gypt.

Concepts will explore the interrelationship between experimental (auto)ethnography, philosophy, spoken word, semiology, banality, history, expanded film, using field recordings, loops, personal confessions, noise interventions, diary, musical improvisations, performative fiction, found tapes, self-published, intuitive sounds - all unreleased music or non-music, that will be released through the radio.