»Soft Cover — Hard Copy« is a radio show dedicated to the self-publishing phenomena with a focus on, but not limited to, analog publications. Each episode will feature conversations with makers, authors and artists, distributors, activists, enthusiasts, and people excited about it. In »Soft Cover — Hard Copy« we, your hosts Maja Milić and Moritz Grünke, want to reflect the various aspects of publishing, especially under ethical, political and economic aspects. And also about who is published and who is not and why that is. Together with our guests we will talk about the democratizing forces of self-publishing with all its limitations, the DIY spirit, accessibilities, the moments of solidarity, of sharing and caring.

For this first episode we invited Beatrix Pang to share they thoughts with us. Beatrix is an artist and activist with a self-publishing practice based in Hong Kong. They runs Small Tune Press and together with other people they found the Zine COOP an initiative to share knowledge on editing, printing, binding, distributing zines and other printed matters.
Beatrix also co-found the Queer Read Library, the Burning Ixxues as well as the Freedom Hi zine collections. Freedom Hi is dedicated to the Hong Kong protest movement starting in 2019 and Burning Ixxues brings together zines on social protest movements worldwide.

Zine COOP:
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