produced by Rex Joswig at Temporary Dub Station, Berlin 20/03/21 :: the never ending jukebox playlist: GP Null Jingle Space Radio Intro Rakim - Black Messiah (Bonus Track) !The Same - Ezra Pound Speaking From Rome Mark Stewart - Smokin’ Bowl (Redemption Remix) Konstantin Gropper & Alex ...Read More

Rex Joswig presents songs from the never ending jukebox : Serge Gainsbourg - Bad News from the Dub Anika - I Go To Sleep Van Morrison - Gypsy Combustible Edison - Carnival of Souls Iggy Pop - I’m Sick of You Marilyn Monroe - One Silver ...Read More

Burning in Water - Drowning in Flame / Selected poems by Charles Bukowski in electronic spaces presented by Rex Joswig / Recorded at Cheetahs Cage, Berlin by Helmar Kreysig (!The Same) / Jukebox line up: !The Same / Leftfield / Old Boy OST ...Read More


GRENZPUNKT NULL reloaded #80 :: Dub Like Dope #6 :: selected & overdubbed by TJ White Rabbit at Temporary Dub Station Berlin :: 14/11/20 :: dublist :: GP NULL Jingle Roots Radics meet Scientist & King Tubby - King Tubby’s Moon Dub Horace Andy, Joe ...Read More

präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig Read More

Endzeit-Wuhling mit Texten von Bert Papenfuß :: Musik: Duo Elektrokohle/Tarwater/Herbst in Peking/Bob Rutman & Zam Johnson/!The Same/Trötsch :: Stimmen: Ines Burdow/Bert Papenfuß/Rex Joswig :: veröffentlicht als Doppelvinyl & CD von Moloko Plus Records 2019 :: :: Muspilli Jah War Dschihad / ...Read More

Grenzpunkt Null reloaded #77 :: Follow the Smoke :: präsentiert von Rex Joswig aus dem Jenseits der Unterhaltung :: :: a nice & easy hangout with a touch of maritime noir selected by rex joswig :: Read More

GP NULL reloaded #76 präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig +++ Panic in Ghosttown +++ Panik in Tscheljabinsk Panik in Kabul Panik in Stammheim Panik auf dem Heiligen Stuhl Panik im Osten Panik auf dem Meer Panik im Westen Panik ...Read More

Hallucinated by Rex Joswig for Kismet Radio :: Dedicated to the memory of Andrew Weatherall (1963-2020) :: Featuring „Poems Along the River“ by Nada Al Khawwam :: With the original voices of Diamanda Galas, Paul Celan & WS Burroughs :: Produced & Spoken by ...Read More