Grenzpunkt Null reloaded #85 :: Beautiful Noise - The Sound of Bob Rutman :: presented by Rex Joswig to celebrate the 90th birthday of Mr Robert Rutman, the grandmaster of Heavy Metal Meditation :: playlist: 1. Dresden - Bob Rutman (bow chimes), Arran Poole ...Read More

Grenzpunkt Null reloaded #84 :: Alone With The Moon :: Abseitige Populärmusik & Poesie von Bob Kaufman :: Präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig :: Read More

produced by Rex Joswig at Temporary Dub Station, Berlin 20/03/21 :: the never ending jukebox playlist: GP Null Jingle Space Radio Intro Rakim - Black Messiah (Bonus Track) !The Same - Ezra Pound Speaking From Rome Mark Stewart - Smokin’ Bowl (Redemption Remix) Konstantin Gropper & Alex ...Read More

Rex Joswig presents songs from the never ending jukebox : Serge Gainsbourg - Bad News from the Dub Anika - I Go To Sleep Van Morrison - Gypsy Combustible Edison - Carnival of Souls Iggy Pop - I’m Sick of You Marilyn Monroe - One Silver ...Read More

Burning in Water - Drowning in Flame / Selected poems by Charles Bukowski in electronic spaces presented by Rex Joswig / Recorded at Cheetahs Cage, Berlin by Helmar Kreysig (!The Same) / Jukebox line up: !The Same / Leftfield / Old Boy OST ...Read More


GRENZPUNKT NULL reloaded #80 :: Dub Like Dope #6 :: selected & overdubbed by TJ White Rabbit at Temporary Dub Station Berlin :: 14/11/20 :: dublist :: GP NULL Jingle Roots Radics meet Scientist & King Tubby - King Tubby’s Moon Dub Horace Andy, Joe ...Read More

präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig Read More

Endzeit-Wuhling mit Texten von Bert Papenfuß :: Musik: Duo Elektrokohle/Tarwater/Herbst in Peking/Bob Rutman & Zam Johnson/!The Same/Trötsch :: Stimmen: Ines Burdow/Bert Papenfuß/Rex Joswig :: veröffentlicht als Doppelvinyl & CD von Moloko Plus Records 2019 :: :: Muspilli Jah War Dschihad / ...Read More

Grenzpunkt Null reloaded #77 :: Follow the Smoke :: präsentiert von Rex Joswig aus dem Jenseits der Unterhaltung :: :: a nice & easy hangout with a touch of maritime noir selected by rex joswig :: Read More