Snookerloopy mit speciella guest Eleni Poulou Fantastic for night people! Frühstücksfernsehen für Nachtmenschen. We loop the loop. Happy birthdays! Emozioni! Tournamente Momente, weil den Füßen Beine gemacht werden. Subtile Strähnen, hohe Wangenknochen, brillante Höhen, Elelelelelelelellelfen und Feeeeeeeen ziehen fort und kommen wieder ...Read More

radio aporee continuously plays recordings from its global soundmap project. however, it’s a responsive stream of sound, a topographic radio that listens, that may (or may not…) recognise and react to events, e.g. new sound uploads, listeners tuning in, mobile ...Read More

By JD Zazie Welcome everyone to this year's first episode of Turbulence radio show. As is tradition, I start this first episode of January with a summary of what was presented last year in Turbulence. A sandwich view then, made of overlaps ...Read More

Formed in Autumn 2020 RADIOM(e) is a network of radio artists from the Greater Region which is comprised of Luxembourg and the surrounding regions of France, Belgium and Germany. Throughout 2021 the artists from the network sent each other audio ...Read More

In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #77 Ross Daly spielt Toby Dope Songs des großartigen Multiinstrumentalisten Ross Daly für Welt- und Traditionelle Musik. In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for Endzeit! Read More

Radio Concrete is a monthly radio art show, broadcasted on Resonance Extra (England), Wave Farm/WGXC (NY) and Halas AM (ISR). It's main focus is on sounds which people are exposed to on a daily basis in a spontaneous and unplanned ...Read More

Der Berliner Musiker Edelwild hat nicht nur seine neuen Platten im Gepäck, sondern auch seine Gitarre. Wie könnte das neue Jahr 2 0 2 2 besser starten als LIVE und UNPLUGGED? _RADIOROH_ROHESRADIO_ Read More

The team of RADIOEREVAN starts the new year with a series of antiquities or better mythology. The beginning is made by Mr. Perseus, who will guide the group through his world - in loose succession. Read More

Eclectic mix as usual from classic to elektro rock to ethno and always a grain of poetry. Read More

Writes Robinson, “BLACKBODY, WHITE NOISE is an experimental radio art composition. For an entire week, while in residence at Wave Farm, I collected sounds using two vacant cast iron cubes and sound reproduction technology. Each structure bore a single hole ...Read More