“For the occasion of radioart106’s request for a mix of spontaneous fresh unreleased material, I crafted a 58 minute soundtrack from disparate files and sounds I forgot I even made and had. The mix oscillates between a fusion of abstract ...Read More

‘Open Wave-Receiver’ is an audio how-to guide from Shortwave Collective. In this piece, we share instructions on how to construct self-powered radio receivers, from the print version of our forthcoming 'how-to-guide' for Make Magazine. The work collages sounds of ourcollective, ...Read More

‘Nations’ is a composition for radio by Dror Elimelech played on this show for the first time. It is based on shortwave broadcasts of various radio stations. The piece was organised in collage techniques with a special emphasis on short ...Read More

These recordings document some of my explorations within the damaged memory banks of an old synthesizer. Upon discovery of the corrupted patches I was determined to thoroughly explore the splayed data contained therein, which provided a very unique circumstance in ...Read More

true bugs is the 2nd episode from Maayan Tsadka’s radio show “Prehistoric Harmony”; a radio show about musics, acoustics, ecology and cosmology, commissioned by Radio Halas. true bugs is a collection of buzzing-rubbing-rattling-chirping sounds. From field recordings to folk ...Read More

Shaun Robert has been working with sound from an early age, a natural extension of play . Starting like many with a domestic tape recorder; years finger poised on the pause button, making edits, skimming back with reverse ...Read More

A selection of works created by the RadioArt course students at the Haifa university Art school during 2021-22, moderated by Meira Asher. Fares Zoabi - Bus Muhammad Toukhy - Dissociation in a Football Game An atomic decomposition into the experience of ...Read More

SONIC CONJURIES (2021-2022) – ANA MARÍA ROMANO G. (Colombia) Photo: Marta Cabrera A National Strike began in Colombia on April 28, 2021, which then took the form of a social outburst. This was really the continuation of a series of demonstrations that ...Read More

Radio Concrete is a monthly radio art show, broadcasted on Resonance Extra (England), Wave Farm/WGXC (NY) and Halas AM (ISR). It's main focus is on sounds which people are exposed to on a daily basis in a spontaneous and unplanned ...Read More

Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour was convicted by an Israeli court in Nazareth of “incitement to violence” for a poem she wrote. The prosecution demanded a long prison sentence and final sentencing was announced on Tuesday, July ...Read More