Concept The ongoing history of modernity is a history of acceleration through means of transport and communication. Devices like the telephone, radio, television, and eventually the internet enable the exchange of information in real time. The letter, ...Read More

An Interview with Palestinian activist Maher alAkhras recorded on November 12, 2020. He reflects upon his 103 day hunger strike. Voice-Over and assistance: Liam Evans Interpreter: Samia Nasser Translation: Dareen Tatour and Samia Nasser Graphic design: David Oppenheim Produced and moderated by Meira Asher Thanks: Tagreedd ...Read More

The future seems so far away ... but suddenly you are there as if a place is time. However, the cartography of this type of place is malleable and pliable: what happens in an instance doesn't happen in a lifetime, ...Read More

The album “Colonial War and Mental Disorders” by Meira Asher (Voice, Electronics), Eran Sachs (No-input Mixer) and Dave Phillips (Electronics, Field Recordings) will be released on cassette and digital via Raash Records (RR) on 27.11.2020. Colonial War and Mental Disorders was performed ...Read More

radioart106 on facebook radioart106 on mixcloud Panda Porn The Dolphin Order (2015) The Double Mind Inferno (Cannot Escape The Past (2014) Panda Porn, Tomer Rosenthal and Alma Ben Yosef Timmy (b.1987) are a pair of artists who were born and raised in the hard core ...Read More

Tarkampa is a music project, a band and a nickname for Riccardo Massari Spiritini the composer, sound artist and performer born in Italy in 1966, and based in Barcelona since 2000. Riccardo's production ranges from electronic music to chamber electroacoustic compositions, ...Read More

Radio Armed Response : Claudia Wegener (2008) 11:08 Claudia Wegener (alias, Radio Continental Drift) walks the streets of two suburban communities in Johannesburg S.A. In door to door interviews, through intercom systems and across gates, she asks questions related to public ...Read More

The_Middle_East_Protests Image: Reut Gat Playlist: 1. Robert Wyatt - ‘dondestan’ (dondestan 1991) 2. Valerie Vivancos - ‘Restless till Kairos’ feat. Bernard Clarke and Dinah Bird. Words by Dareen Tatour (#poemontrial 2018) 3. Miranda De La Frontera - ‘Dear Viyan’ feat. Viyan Peyman and Dilar Dirik ...Read More

Venus Ex Machina is a composer and creative technologist based in London, UK. She has produced an installation for Hyper Dub, a pirate AI opera at CTM festival, a workshop on building radio transmitters at Moog fest North Carolina, and ...Read More

Listen to the people of Al Khalil, also known as Hebron. It is the end of April 2020 and we are still visited by the Corona virus. In occupied Khalil, curfews and lockdowns are imposed on the non settler population ...Read More