the RADIOTERRESTRICA dispatcher makes his way back into orbit. the RADIOEREVAN team has the opportunity to speak to him one last time before his final return to the ether. Read More

Before the emissary of RADIOTERRESTRICA has a Q&A in front of the microphones of RadioArtZone in Luxembourg in 15 days, the team of RADIOEREVAN managed to get him in front of the live recording kit once again. We ask him ...Read More

Ether also means archive: today, the RADIOEREVAN team pokes something about the weather, and because today's weather is always the topic, Reboot.FM hear or later on the well-known channels listen up. Read More

From the center of the Milky Way, two years ago, unheard sounds reached the range of an Australian radio telescope - the team of RADIOEREVAN talks to an emissary of the still unexplored pulsar, which sends signals in irregular intervals ...Read More

It can not be avoided: the RADIOEREVANteam gives the microphone to different, anarchist voices from Ukraine and Russia about the background, present, and future in and around Ukraine - an airing of divers CrimethInc. contributions. Read More

A wild mixture presents the RADIOEREVANteam today: a medley - cities, hanging gardens and bombs, weapons - it's just the beginning to rewrite history(s). Read More

The team of RADIOEREVAN starts the new year with a series of antiquities or better mythology. The beginning is made by Mr. Perseus, who will guide the group through his world - in loose succession. Read More

What do the new resumes look like? What are we doing to expand democracy? Do we need a new society, and how do we do it? These and other questions asked by one of our RADIOEREVAN team member ...Read More

The RADIOEREVAN team set out together with Reallabor to explore what a table is and, above all, what it is suitable for - a new society, does it need a new table or will the old ones do? This ...Read More

In the USA or between two rivers - where is his story and who could Gilgamesh even be? The RADIOEREVAN team dives into the clay tablets of the past. Read More