On the occasion of this year's Werkleitz Festival 2021, the crew of RADIOEREVAN had the opportunity to talk throughout several weeks with the invited media artists about their work and perspectives. In this mini-series about media art on RADIOEREVAN, this time, ...Read More

The forest becomes desolate and empty. But there will be greetings again. The crew of RADIOEREVAN has a conversation about digital, media art, EU and more with TOTAL REFUSAL. (https://moveto.werkleitz.de/red-redemption-a-brute-marxist-class-analysis/) Read More

This time the crew of RADIOEREVAN tries to capture the latest, fleeting and enduring thoughts on the digital. RADIOEREVAN listens to the artists and scientists of the Werkleitz Festival 2021 (https://moveto.werkleitz.de) Read More

What else unhinges the world like the invigorating effect of Money? With their 6th broadcast, the three members of RADIOEREVAN want to understand why Money Calls to Money and why a song is not only a song. ...Read More

With the help of a banker, the RADIOEREVAN team considers what it would be like if banks suddenly implemented other economic forms. Read More

This time, the RADIOEREVAN team follows a broom character through various states of her urban life and the idea of how city and country could form a symbiosis for a post-scarcity society. Read More

This time the RADIOEREVAN team is discussing socially accepted persuasion, plagio, and brainwashing. While they wanted always using the brain to storm a problem, should it be washed again and again? Chasing down Mr. Hunter's ideas about ...Read More

The RADIOEREVAN crew is discovering the historic layers within the Laxenburg Schloss, a dozen kilometers from Vienna, Austria, where once an illustrate institute was accommodated - “the East-West Institute” and “East-West RAND,” aka IIASA. It is also about a transnational ...Read More

Known as a joke in East and West, RADIOEREVAN has been broadcasting regularly since 2003, no longer from Yerevan / Armenia, but from all parts of the world, especially from Central Europe - now fresh via the antennas from REBOOT.FM. By ...Read More