Red Forest Radiograms - Nomadic Cosmologies and Fugitive Power Radiogram #3 The Enchanted Technologies of Transmission Radio is not only a media-form but also a phenomenon of radiation. Let us think of radio as an emitting action/process where receiving is part of transmitting. An action ...Read More

Red Forest Radiograms - Nomadic Cosmologies and Fugitive Power Transformative Poetics: Mijke van der Drift in conversation with Jay Bernard, Thomas Nail and Sebastian De Line, Sonic Intervention by Femi Oriogun-Williams. Pressures of war, disease, and extraction are changing the ...Read More

Oleksiy Radynski in conversation with Svitlana Matviyenko Sonic Intervention by Sasha Dolgiy In the interwar period, the Soviet geologist and philosopher Vladimir Vernadsky diagnosed the transformation of the scientific thought into a geological force that affects material processes on a planetary scale ...Read More

Red Forest Radiograms - Nomadic Cosmologies & Fugitive Power LiveJam - 25 November 18:00-21:00 CET This live experiential discussion will be streamed via and partners! Weaving the topics of “Weaponized Infrastructures or Extractivism and the Lilypad” with “We will not be ...Read More