This episode features natural radio and field recordings in and around a small turf house (housing sheep) in the North of Iceland, using the turf roof of the house as an antenna. With thanks to Turfiction / Tinna Grétarsdóttir and ...Read More

Special guest 5E7H delivers an emergent cybernautic concoction of colors and flavors from classic and new instruments designed by micro_research. Read More

This episode features a minimal recording of a work of slow, geologic cosmic-timed destruction of a smartphone, promoting its return to cosmic dust. The physical work can be seen at Lois in Mitte in the next month courtesy of House ...Read More

VOID Tenerife, features a single recording of an action mapping cosmic rays in the Cuevas de San Marcos, a series of under-the-volcano tubes and tunnels formed by pahoehoe muy fluido lava. Read More

A symphony for evening crows and close vehicles filtered and compressed on demand for the crows' key frequencies. Read More

This 92nd session showcases a performance from the wonderful Kaffe Matthews at Petersburg Art Space (PAS) in Berlin from the 7th of January 2022 - the first solo outing for the mysterious Ripley. This live recording is supplemented with raw ...Read More

Slab is an attempt to exploit a covert electromagnetic transmission channel (in this case ICMP or ping packets which are often used for simple network diagnostics) to leak spore-like the memory contents (of my running laptop, including all confidential data ...Read More

This edition features recordings from the Rotting Sounds symposium 1bit audio collective comprised of Martin Howse, Till Bovermann, Dario Sanfilippo, and Kathrin Hunze alongside an excerpt from the dust a bit installation by Klaus Filip and Thomas Grill. With thanks to ...Read More

In this episode we broadcast a set of active test signals recently deployed as part of Make Me a Signal in Linz with thanks to Shu Lea Cheang, Adriana Knouf, and Franz Xaver. This 20 minute broadcast is supplemented with ...Read More

This celebratory 88! episode was compiled by MK from sausage cellar studio cassette material which is largely unattributed. Thankyou for listening. Read More