Slab is an attempt to exploit a covert electromagnetic transmission channel (in this case ICMP or ping packets which are often used for simple network diagnostics) to leak spore-like the memory contents (of my running laptop, including all confidential data ...Read More

This edition features recordings from the Rotting Sounds symposium 1bit audio collective comprised of Martin Howse, Till Bovermann, Dario Sanfilippo, and Kathrin Hunze alongside an excerpt from the dust a bit installation by Klaus Filip and Thomas Grill. With thanks to ...Read More

In this episode we broadcast a set of active test signals recently deployed as part of Make Me a Signal in Linz with thanks to Shu Lea Cheang, Adriana Knouf, and Franz Xaver. This 20 minute broadcast is supplemented with ...Read More

This celebratory 88! episode was compiled by MK from sausage cellar studio cassette material which is largely unattributed. Thankyou for listening. Read More

This episode features more smoke and particle actions, this time as part of a workshop at crater in Ljubljana hosted by project atol. With thanks to Tina, Uros and all the participants. Read More

This episode showcases the latest particle case in progress, a new instrument developed to sonify the passage of alpha particles and cosmic rays, followed by recordings of some very raw and live cosmic ray action. Read More

This episode revisits the sonification of the algorithm, the audible computer using custom software examining its own processes and archived recordings of Shintaro Miyazaki's algorythmics featuring sorting algorithms. Read More

Enrichment and depletion attempts the simple digital play back of the mineral or lithic, the sucking stone tapes, in order to enter into deeper times of the geologic and of media sedimentation Read More

This episode returns to the roots of Substrat in concrete examinations of material and economic phenomena, in this case a certain form of mining. Read More

This episode features various hand made and highly seasonal recordings of ice, snow, melt and thaw. Read More