This eightieth episode showcases some documentary results from the very recent Tiny Mining remote sweatshop supported by the DAAR Rotterdam and v2 labs. During the sweatshop six participants attempted to mine precious metals and minerals from within their own bodies. ...Read More

This episode begins with close mic and feedback recordings from the ERD BREATH module designed for the controlled summoning and nourishment of (artificial and benevolent) demons, before branching into new and archival recordings around the articulation of those various vaporous ...Read More

For this 78th edition, we follow two anonymous foragers through the wilds of Tegeler Forst in search of edible mushrooms. Read More

This episode presents recordings of various attempts to sonify radioactive emissions and other non-human energetic particles. Presented by Martin Howse. Read More

This episode records an edited five hundred meter descent and radon bath followed by a thankful ascent into Radium Palace. Read More

Tracing a summer journey from the busy car and coach park of Stonehenge (an important historic site in its own right) to the silence of a thankfully neglected fogou (underground stone chambers) by way of quoits and standing stones scattered ...Read More

Substrat 75: Island From a vast courtyard island to a more diverse traffic island, Substrat 75, with artist Daniel Belasco Rogers, extends feelers in slime mould fashion towards new city simultaneous portals explored in workshops and foraging actions. Read More

Replay vom 01.04.2012 Substrat #9 Die Pest attempts to broadcast the contagious side of substrate; scratching a pickup across the dark earth stranding in Whitby so many years ago, the vampiric imprint of technology. With particularly virulent contributions from Leif Elggren, die ...Read More

Description: This episode presents a recording from the very first Arforum for Tarot event at Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin - initiated by Kathrin Guenter and Erin Honeycutt. Tarot for Artforum is a group process which re-imagines and re-images (with ...Read More

The fourth in a series of atelier visits joins sound artist Marta Zaparolli in her studio in Kreuzberg to discuss and make manifest signals from other living realms: extraterrestrial signals from the sun, from the past and from the future, from the aurora ...Read More