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Bendik Giske - "Cracks" Masayoshi Fujita - "Noise Marimba Tape" MMM - "So Nigh" Beneath - "Tough One" aya - "backsliding" DJ Stingray - "Construction Materials From Organic Waste" RP Boo - "Finally Here (ft. Afiya)" Chunky - "Meh" Oli XL - "Ribbon Bone [Silk Chaser]" Misantrop - "Residue" 96 ...Read More

Zuri Maria Daiß und Oliver Baurhenn sind zur Zeit in Griechenland. CTM hat das Projekt Chronotopia Echoes beim Athens Festival durchgeführt am 1. und 2. Oktober 2021. Ein Projekt, was seit May 2020 munter verschoben wurde, um nun endlich realisiert ...Read More

Radio on oil. Takt und Timing, Herzschlag und Handclaps. Schlag auf Schlag verlassen wir den Alltag und treffen uns dann alle an diesem Novembersonnabend genau zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort. Konfetti ist immer gut, besonders, wenn es von ...Read More

67th Edition: Tune in to THE VOICES with Mai Zeidani Yufanyi In this edition, we will play you a recording of an event about economic and Palestine. The title of the event was “who profits?” As you will hear it is ...Read More

We pick the artist - They pick the music. UI Picks is curated by the Underground Institute, an international agency for adventurous music and platform for culture. UI Picks episodes are tailored for selected underground radio stations. Australian artist Oren Ambarchi has ...Read More

Mit Markus Detmer. Hinter den Plattentellern: Markus Detmer mit einem genreübergreifenden DJ-Mix. Wie bei seinem Label und seinen DJ-Sets geht es Markus Detmer auch im Staubgold Radio darum, selten gehörte Musik abseits des Mainstreams zu präsentieren. Musik, die aus dem Rahmen fällt ...Read More

radio aporee continuously plays recordings from its global soundmap project. however, it’s a responsive stream of sound, a topographic radio that listens, that may (or may not…) recognise and react to events, e.g. new ...Read More

TURBULENCE #32 - Interior Monologue by JD Zazie * Čučnik, Pepelnik, Grom - Pi Bip - Pri Besedi z glasom in zvokom * Raed Yassin - A Small Leak of an Interior Monologue (excerpt) * Delia Derbyshire, Barry Bermange — Land - ...Read More

Loss in Translation Drawn from the research of Social Distance, Digital Congregation: British Ritual Innovation under COVID-19 at Manchester University, England, ‘Loss in Translation’ is a montage piece interweaving the voices of funeral and death care professionals across faiths and people ...Read More