All mixed great musical stuff and introduction of her new unreleased remix with The Last Secret Society for Steve Hewitt's (Ex Placebo) upcoming solo album! No blabla, just Music! Read More

Dark and kitschy, relaxing and witchy! Hanin on Air takes you there ;) Read More

Weihnachten in der Suedsee! Hanin Elias spielt pazifische Musik, Wellen, Ukulele und Meerestraeume ziehen euch sanft aus dem konsumgeilen Weihnachtstrauma in Klaenge aus Tahiti, Neuseeland, Hawaii und den Osterinseln... Read More

Hanin Elias sings and produces electronic music since 1992. Call it Industrial, Digital Hardcore, Techno or Noise. After her comeback from micronesia islands she released a new record "Get It Back" on Rustblade ...Read More

Hanin Elias Presents Ryo Fujimoto /   HumanElectro Ryo Fujimoto is beatboxer as well as electronic musician. Born in Japan, 1987. Presently living in Berlin. He has become globally recognized for his unique live performance ...Read More

Hanin Elias presents the music that moves her..... Read More

Hanin Elias brought a guest with her: Mary Orcher. Born Nov 10th 1986 in Moscow, former USSR. moved to Tel Aviv at the age of 4 ...Read More