ping or panda - while some states were converging, a new governance of money was emerging - metal or paper - anyways HOERMASCHINE111 tries to follow the tracks. Read More

What does energy do to us, where does it originate in the first place, is it there before us? Are we simply sitting in its cage? - HOERMASCHINE110 follows the 41 microfarads or the coulombs into the pathways of the ...Read More

In religion and science the big bang theory was a swear word. But the theory has consolidated in the last nearly hundred years - HOERMASCHINE109 follows this way. Read More

This time the HOERMASCHINE team finds arguments for order, safety, and cleanliness because what would bring us more profit? Read More

HOERMASCHINEmedley rummages through the earliest HOERMASCHINES and broadcasts two shows from more than 11 years ago - as if it were today. Read More

HOERMASCHINE107 wants to discover what solarpunk and related stuff might be all about. Maybe the earth is a ship? But first, let's listen to Starhawk. Read More

HOERMASCHINE106 silosoffuture isolated or together in the silos of the future, vegetating or prospering - do we even need shells and vessels? HOERMASCHINE106 sets up its microphones in various places to capture the sound of the everyday symphony - let's sing ...Read More

Do we go underground to protect ourselves or train our skills - SF, history, and technology tell us the stories repeatedly. How will it be this time? How was it then? HOERMASCHINE 105 transmits one or another voice about it. Read More

HOERMASCHINE104 backtothecontinent Once again, the HOERMASCHINE has the opportunity to talk with the emissary of RADIOTERRESTRICA. He was sent to Earth by the pulsar ASKAP J173608.2-321635 and happened to land on Europa. After short visits and a 22-day journey across the ...Read More

The HOERMASCHINE is delighted: the strange guest who appeared once before at RADIOEREVAN/ is a guest for a long night - RADIOTERRESTRICA sends his collaborator to Berlin to the studio. We talk with him and others about light and all ...Read More