HOERMASCHINE93 does not go gentle into that good night; it will follow the traces of diversified voices and thoughts about that island which is called sometimes NOWHERE. Read More

dispossessed people have had their property taken away from them - but what is that property, and what will happen then, HOERMASCHINE92 will try to discover. Read More

HOERMASCHINE91 will rediscover the chorale of our inner voices where some of us aren't sure if it is just a dictation through the narratives of the past. Read More

HOERMASCHINE90 will instruct the fiction of Nabokov’s memory, visit his family house in Moscow and try to understand why sometimes reality is the strangest fantasy at all. Read More

HOERMASCHINE89 will try a spectrum analysis on the actual backbone of development, money, and politics. Or, in other words, “to measure the power of the spectrum of known and unknown signals.” Read More

HOERMASCHINE88special will follow the maschkera, the masks through some path into a garden where a hive of bees will be discovered. Is there something to learn from? In fact this HOERMASCHINE is a rebroadcast from more then one year ago, from ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE87 is following the idea of some people who were tired of tiptoeing up to society and asking for reform, and were ready to kick it in the balls. Read More

HOERMASCHINE86 will do voodoo with Woodrow Wilson in a city which had his name for few months somewhen in the first half of the twentieth century - or was it yesterday? Read More

HOERMASCHINE85 will listen to Perseus, a basement dweller, who floated in a box over the ocean, overcame beasts, created mountains, is talking about the old times in a 6-hour live broadcast. Or is it a painter, a mathematician, a ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE84 will follow the traces of pudovkin or once i saw build-up and progress. Read More