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The second wave. Racism keeps a wavin’. Antisemitism too. The left gets its panties in a whirl over itself while the structures of the right expand in the state, the police, the army, the pseudo-ironic gestures of ...Read More

In der Süddeutschen Zeitung von 12. Juni 2019 schreibt Peter Laudenbach: Die eine Hälfte des Regie-Duos, die Bühnenbildnerin Ida Müller, wird zudem als Ausstattungsleiterin neben dem Intendanten zu einer der prägenden Künstlerinnen des Hauses werden. Im Gespräch mit Tip Berlin sagt René ...Read More

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CHEAP Palestine It’s hot outside and hot in our heads and loins as we process the ongoing Nakba against the Palestinian people and the attempts by the corporate media and most mainstream German politicians to distract us from it. We at ...Read More

CHEAP Sex Lizards. You turn the corner and there they are. You’ve been trying to avoid them for weeks, even months now. Lockdowns have helped. One long lockdown would have been better, of course, a lockdown that actually said: we ...Read More

The media’s all bent out of shape because some cis white guys are all bent out of shape that they just can’t keep sneaking around anonymously reaping the rewards of an unmarked place of privilege. We see you and we’re ...Read More

Rather than just biden our time, CHEAP wants to foster anti-racist, anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist struggle. We have to keep the pressure on the nasty neoliberalism and hateful right-wing polemics that animate state institutions. We can’t let these creeps off the ...Read More

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