Like It Is Is - your monthly antifascist news roundup - is hosted by Diana Arce (she/her), and Tina Lee (she/her) with Miriam Aced (she/her) (in absentia). Brought to you by Artists Without a Cause, Wählen Gegen Rechts and Migration ...Read More

In this episode, we are talking about the struggle for reproductive justice in the United States, and the latest developments in Greece. This episode’s guests are: Dymitra Kyrillou - Mohana Kute. You can donate to abortion funds here: This episode is presented and ...Read More

Man sollte immer betrunken sein. Das ist alles was zählt ... Aber womit? Mit Wein, mit Poesie oder mit Tugend, was du willst. Hauptsache du betrinkst dich.“ — Charles Baudelaire Themepark #40 widmet sich einem der wichtigsten Themen der Menschheit: ...Read More

This week we talk (and cry) about miscarriage, still birth and death of a child shortly after birth. We discuss the taboo and try to demystify all that lies around it. We talk out of experience. Please, write ...Read More

Once more ..another conflict is raging amongst the great powers, this time however, the war is being undertaken in Europe and the Africans are the ones who are fleeing from it !! What gives?? How have Africans gotten involved ...Read More

Von 2020 bis 2022 fand die Veranstaltungsserie Disappearing Berlin an verschiedenen Orten im Stadtraum Berlins statt – auf Parkplatzdächern, in leerstehenden Schwimmbädern und Einkaufszentren. Im Gespräch blicken Marie-Therese Bruglacher (Kuration) und Anja Lindner (Produktion) zurück und voraus, erzählen von den ...Read More

Gast: Laura Ewert Zwei Frauen, eine Leidenschaft. Diana Weis und die Kulturjournalistin und Autorin Laura Ewert sprechen über das Phänomen, die Ikone, die Inspiration, das Enigma und das Ärgernis Kim Kardashian. Wäre die Welt heute eine andere, wäre Kim Kardashian nicht über ...Read More

CHEAP Palestine It’s hot outside and hot in our heads and loins as we process the ongoing Nakba against the Palestinian people and the attempts by the corporate media and most mainstream German politicians to distract us from it. We at ...Read More

In the 1st part of this 2 parts episode, host Nina Kettiger and poet Zoe Darsee speak of signs and symbols, magical thinking, Apophenia, anxieties around diagnosis, medical authority and more… Tracklist: Xephon- XPHRESH Sick- Wench Luh- XPHRESH Read More

In this episode, we are talking about anti-Palestinian repression and silencing in Germany and globally. This episode’s guests are: * Asmar from the activist group Palestine Speaks - * Nora, an expert on the history of anti-Palestinian racism in Germany * Waed Manaf ...Read More