In this Episode, host Nina Kettiger looks into the mysterious phenomenon of Spontaneous Human Combustion. Tracks: Magic Fire Music- Wagner Eternal Flame- The Bangles Eternal Return- Moss Read More

In this Episode, host Nina Kettiger looks into pyromania, exploring the mental illness, the idea of Omnicide as well as the archetypal power of fire Track: Jeux Interdits - Narcisso Yepes Read More

This month on Tales from Beneath, host Nina Kettiger keeps exploring the different facets of the nightmare as well as a variety of sleep afflictions, such as homicidal somnambulism and sleep paralysis. List of songs: Meredith Monk - Quarry Lullaby Meredith Monk ...Read More

In this Episode, host Nina Kettiger looks into the creatures and myths that surround the nightmare, while attempting to understand their healing power, following a very special interview. Track: Nightmare - Musica Nostra Choir, Zsuzsánna Mindszenty & Gyorgy Orban Read More

In the second episode of Tales from beneath host Nina Kettiger explores the potential of divination in a technological era, and how certain art practices can be seen a forms of divination, with special guest Zoe Darsee and sound piece ...Read More

In this first episode host Nina Kettiger looks into children with psychic powers, and ideas of possession: heightened spiritual and sensitive connections, children coming to be possessed, influenced, visited, or in trance. Tracks: Kate Bush- Withering Heights The Dead Shakers- I ...Read More