How has freedom,opinion and the third world coming along as we go through a pandemic?? Are we sliding to a darkness evermore? My Guest Abhinnit Khanna was with us on show #5 and we are having a chat once more ...Read More

We are all fascinated by a specific group of people who happen to be cheerful, confident and boisterous whom some mistake for arrogance!! That right folks we are talking about those shy Americans all the way from the other side ...Read More

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It's that time of the year where you go from a year ravaged by a pandemic, racial divisions, and technology masquerading as one which replaces human relationships but it seems that light is showing at the end of the tunnel ...Read More

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In the mid 2000's, poor countries in sub saharan Africa started giving large tracts of land, some of it snatched from smallholders in what could only be described as the equivalent of 'trickle down agriculture' ; i.e that these large ...Read More

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Today's show will deal with three specific topics. First, my take on the current public outrage and demonstrations regarding the 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' movement. So dense is this issue that one could devote hours and hours on this conversation but ...Read More

After doing shows for a year about all things related to the minority, Berlin and global events, i have decided that i should refocus the effort in illuminating things about the land that I come from ..a country found in ...Read More