we have a problem!!! In nascent democracies of the third world, where great efforts are being taken to enfranchise people to their democratic rights; forces here before not thought or unseen are starting to wreck havoc and dismantle those foundations ...Read More

Fetewei Tarekegn in conversation with Daniel Thylman of the Incredible Herrengdeck Today's show will be a continuation and perhaps the last in a program focused on and about Berlin. Today's Guest is Daniel Thyllmann, a school mate and member of the ...Read More

The introduction of New urban FM radio stations in the late 90's East Africa changed the way we listened to radio programs and how music was delivered. All of a sudden, we have three programs solely dedicated to music, with ...Read More

Berlin, often called an open city is an interesting place full of historical nuances and tragic consequences. We the strangers seem to have chosen to come and live here i suppose because of the our ability to remain anonymous ...Read More

"WHY IS A DATE?" is the first of Radio shows from Fetesh Tarekegn ; a Gardner, artist and Dj. In this show he and friends KUIPERS BART and CLAIRE discuss the fable, reality and all around intrigue that is online ...Read More