And the beat goes on: Rona Geffen, Aschka and Kritzkom are back with more amazing music by women, transgender and non-binary artists around the world. There may be a pandemic but at least the music is still playing. With tracks ...Read More

Tonight on Female Frequencies we present a special guest mix by Inverno, who has curated tracks from women artists from the female:pressure network and beyond. A Berlin-based DJ committed to the concept of anonymity, she aims to keep the focus ...Read More

Tune in to Female Frequencies on and Chimeres radio as Kritzkom, Aschka and Rona Geffen bring you more amazing music by women, transgender and non-binary artists. Tonight we play some tracks that have emerged from the coronavirus lockdown happening all around the world. Featuring ...Read More

Thank you for tuning in to Female Frequencies on and Chimeres radio. Since we are sheltering in place like everyone else, we’re sending out a mix this evening of some tracks from past shows. In the meantime, to help ...Read More

Our first reunion! Rona Geffen is back in Berlin in the studio tonight with Kritzkom and Aschka as we play lots of great music by people who are not cis men, which is the shortest way of saying it…This time ...Read More

So close and yet so far: Now with one third of our team in Budapest and the rest in Berlin-Kreuzberg, we still have lots of amazing music to share, made by women, transgender and non-binary people around the world. Tonight ...Read More

Coming at you through the deep, dark winter: Rona Geffen, Kritzkom and Aschka present Female Frequencies on and Chimeres radio, bringing you all the best electronic music by women, transgender and non-binary producers. Tonight we take another tour around the ...Read More

Female Frequencies is looking forward to the new decade as Kritzkom, Rona Geffen and Aschka present their final show of the year. Tonight we bring you some amazing sounds from Berlin, the rest of Europe, Iceland and ...Read More

On our 51st edition of Female Frequencies, Rojava is unfortunately back in the spotlight as we discuss recent events there. AGF expresses many thoughts in her track from the Rojava Women – female:pressure compilation. We also announce the upcoming Tresor ...Read More

Tonight is another big milestone for Female Frequencies: our 50th show! Special thanks to our stations and Chimeres radio, the female:pressure network and our community of listeners. We also celebrate the release of Kritzkom’s new album “Melt Map” and ...Read More