Tonight we have a fabulous mixtape from our resident Rona Geffen featuring selected works by women, trans and non-binary artists around the world. Stay safe and enjoy the vibes! Tracklist StanLei - Love + Belief Marie Wilelmine Andres - High (The Wind) (Klordop ...Read More

Female Frequencies #73 Tune in to hear the latest and greatest electronic music by women, trans and non-binary artists in our global community. Featuring Marta De Pascalis, Ezili-i Sabbah, niko mas, Phtalo, Headliner, Akira Sileas, Zvrra, Nene H, Adrienne Teicher, ...Read More

Kritzkom and Aschka present some more brilliant tracks by women, trans and non-binary artists to light up these darker days. We also say goodbye to K-HAND. With more music by Hara Alonso, Klara Lewis & Peder Mannerfelt, Simona Zamboli, Camino ...Read More

Berlin summer special! Things are heating up here and we have a great cross section of women, trans and non-binary Berlin-based artists – but not only – for our listeners tonight. Featuring Wilted Woman, Ale Hop, RUSNAM, Partefacts, Asmus Tietchens ...Read More

Kritzkom and Aschka are back with a new selection of music from women, trans and non-binary electronic producers and musicians around the world. Featuring Umfang, The Allegorist, Suit Kei, Natalie Beridze, Amina Cyu_, Stephanie Merchak, Akka Miau, OMEGA dB, ...Read More

Female Frequencies #69 Kritzkom presents a collage tonight with some of her favourite tracks by female artists, her own field recordings and a few clips from her new album ‘Fuzziness’ which was released last January on the New York label Jollies ...Read More

Tonight on Female Frequencies, we’re listening in on more of Kritzkom’s recently released album “Fuzziness” and talking about how artists view the world. And we have another great tracklist featuring women, transgender and non-binary artists from all over the world. ...Read More

Tonight Rona Geffen and Aschka spend some quality time beating lockdown fatigue over some great new tracks by women, transgender and non-binary artists everywhere. Featuring Snowdrops, Haxo, [MONRHEA], Silky Disturbance, Miss Baas, ELLLLL, Mila Chiral, Violet and Borusiade. Tracklist Snowdrops - ...Read More

We have a stunning mix for you tonight by Rona Geffen to ease us through this lockdown. With selected tracks by women, transgender and non-binary artists around the world. Cami Albaracin - New World Faten Kanaan - Foxes Silky Disturbances - New Blood D. ...Read More

Last show of the year and we are going out with a bang! Let’s kick 2020 in the ass once and for all with some brilliant music from women, transgender and non-binary artists – some familiar and some new. ...Read More