This 16th episode of the Arts x Music x New Tech podcast series by YMA features extracts of recordings made at Signals Festival late October in Berlin: first of a talk between The Allegorist, aka Anna Jordan, ...Read More

A special show indeed, celebrating 10 years of Your Mom's with an eclectic selection by YMA founder Nadia Says, showcasing tracks by artists playing the anniversary bash where it all started at Urban Spree on November 18th, and/or artists featured ...Read More

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Your Mom's invite long time collaborator, AV artist, and performer Akkamiau for this month's show on the occasion of the recent female:pressure event that she co-curated in Berlin. Akkamiau performed her live set Xiao (Voltage 3.0) and she now ...Read More

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Following Anthony Sahyoun's mix on the occasion of the Beirut x Berlin residency exchange, composer, DJ, electronic music, and creative tech journalist-curator Peter Kirn presents a live, one-take mix of recent music from diverse sources, across Japan, Iran, Mexico, Armenia, ...Read More