Tracklisting: 1. Roaches - Hammond Song 2. Toby Goodshank - The Pearling Gate (feat. Joe Jack Talcum & Lee "Scratch" Perry) 3. Klitclique - Auto 4. Infinite X's - Funny Place To Start To Cry 5. Peter Stampfel - Wannabe 6. Peter Stampel - The Way 7. ...Read More

Françoise Cactus auf der Couch bei Dr. Psy Brezel Göring … {{in unseren Erinnerungen und in unseren Herzen, in our memories and in our hearts - 17 Feb 2021}} THE CACTUS’ INTERVIEWS - is a Radio-show from Françoise Cactus. In every show, she ...Read More

Tune in, turn on, burn out !!! Hosted by Steve Morell, The Zero Hour on Reboot Fm presents, introduces and points out to the listeners new music, music which is worth presenting and introducing to a new wasted generation. Track List ...Read More

THE CACTUS’ INTERVIEWS is a Radio-show from Françoise Cactus. In every show, she invites one guest. She and the guest play their favorite songs and talk about free subjects. Françoise Cactus was born in France. She lives in Berlin since the 80ies ...Read More

Tonight we, Zuri Maria Daiß and Oliver Baurhenn, are meeting online some studio guests: Analaura Rincón, producer and DJ as also organizer of the parties MESS and Mala Junta, then we will welcome our former CTM colleagues Joanna Szlauderbach and ...Read More

Underground Institute Picks - Lydia Lunch : Men Moaning We pick the artist - They pick the music. UI Picks is curated by the Underground Institute, an international agency for adventurous music and platform for culture. UI Picks episodes are ...Read More

Staubgold Radio: Music Out Of Place Mit Markus Detmer. Als Gast hinter den Plattentellern: der peruanische Philosophie-Professor Antonio Pérez Valerga. In der heutigen Sendung zeichnet uns Antonio sein ganz persönliches Bild des Genres Krautrock - von den Pionieren der 70-er Jahre bis ins ...Read More

Anna Theme Touching Box - Walking in My dreams Album “What Nothing” ‘VÖ 2021 das  neue Popprojekt von Robert Kretschmar und Josepha Conrad Angela Aux - Die Reproduktion Tindersticks - Man alone (can´t stop the fadin´) Album „Distractions“  VÖ 19.2.2021 City Slang Notwist - Das Spiel ist aus      Album ...Read More

Shasta Ellenbogen is a composer, improvisor and viola-player. Deeply rooted in the classical field her own compositions float between jazz, folk and classical. But she plays Ligeti or Hindemith by heard, which is very unusual. And she is not afraid ...Read More

first radio show of 2021 - second special Lockdown Edition _ presentation by Laura Leiner (Moderatorin) _ new releases, music made in Portugal, ctm festival and more _ live streaming: on dial: (UKW) 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 MHz in Potsdam. In the ...Read More