Klang#030 n.31 _ (last) Special Lockdown Edition n.6 new releases, women in music, music made in Berlin 1 „Glitch“, nunofyrbeeswax - album Stratotoaster, released dec.2020, 2 „Sagres“ _ Guts Pie Earshot _ "lockdown production 20-21", released feb.2021 3 "session #01 13.05.2019", ...Read More

on the playlist: women in music, new releases and field recordings of two days of protests and culture in Berlin. 1. From the air, Laurie Anderson, album Big Science (1982, relaunched April 2021) 2.  Smoke Rings, Laurie Anderson,  Home of the Brave (1986) 3. Field ...Read More

Klang#030 n.29_ Special Lockdown Edition n.4_ electroacoustic, women in music, electronic, anti-fascist musical protests from Brazil _ playlist: 1. Souvenirs Cachés (2021) - Beatriz Ferreyra 2. Triptych (1978) - Eliane Radigue 3. Wire Recorder Piece, excerpt, (1944) - Halim El-Dabh 4. Enterrando o ...Read More

Tribute to Stereo Total / Françoise Cactus (all tracks by Stereo Total) 1. Liebe zu dritt (Musique Automatique, 2001) 2. Für immer 16 (Musique Automatique, 2001) 3. Holiday Inn (Juke-Box Alarm, 1998) 4. Cinemascope (Ah! Quel Cinéma!, 2019) 5. Zu schön für dich ...Read More

first radio show of 2021 - second special Lockdown Edition _ presentation by Laura Leiner (Moderatorin) _ new releases, music made in Portugal, ctm festival and more _ live streaming: http://reboot.fm/ on dial: (UKW) 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 MHz in Potsdam. In the ...Read More

Klang#030 n.26 _ Special Lockdown Edition _ instrumental Band series_ with M.i.p.V aka Músicas intermináveis para Viagem _ presented by Laura Leiner. playlist: In der Autobahn Südblock Bring me your sea ...Read More

Dystopie Sound Art Festival, interview with Laura Mello and Georg Klein, women on Jazz, sound art in Berlin. Presentation: Laura Leiner. playlist: 1 _ Silver (Ana Maria Rodriguez), by Ensemble KNM. 2 _ Speaking In Tongues, Shannon Barnett ...Read More

_ music made in Berlin / new releases / women on music _ apresentação de Laura Leiner / Moderatorin: Laura Leiner / *** Compilation organized by C-drik, label Syrphe, all salles go to help people in Beirut: https://syrphe.bandcamp.com/album/retrieving-beirut-part-2-4 Read More

_ music made in Berlin / new releases / women on music _ apresentação de Laura Leiner / Moderatorin: Laura Leiner / *** 1. C-drík - The act of refraining from speaking - „Solo concert for virtual audience on my way to ...Read More

new releases, music made in Berlin, women on music. 1. „Art of life", by Michelle Gurevich, album „Ecstasy in the Shadow of Ecstasy“ (2020) 2. „Burning down the House", CocoRosie _ album Put The Shine On (2020) 3. „ Speaking of the end“ ...Read More