Cashmere Radio Presents: Fulmen w/ Carlo Maria & Maria W. Horn (XKatedral) Tracklist: 01. Ellen Fullman & Okkyang Lee - The Air Around her [Ideell Edition, 2018] 02. Maria w Horn, Djuna Michelle Jangmyr, Ave [XKatedral/Portals ...Read More

The composer and musician Tyshawn Sorey said in 2017 that “the idea of what is composed and what is improvised is pointless.” We might follow this statement back to his time spent at Wesleyan University with Anthony Braxton, and back ...Read More

Tracklisting (Text recitals in brackets) jayrope - Unknown dictaphone recording Stimmen der Vögel Zentralasiens - Eterna [Flann O'Brian: Der dritte Polizist] Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra - Transporting Salt - Side A (Pudel Club) [Flann O'Brian: Der dritte Polizist] Tomita: The Old Castle The Hired Hand: Ending [Peter Waterhouse: Sprache, ...Read More

„The Ear Has To Travel – Wanderlust“, hosted and curated by The Ear Has To Travel's KitKat, is Cashmere Radio’s weekly slot for extended soundscape compositions. Each episode features exactly one soundscape composition of at least 25 minutes in length. This ...Read More

Ziese is a monthly missive which presents minimalistic music in unseen contexts and alternative forms. Ziese exists in the seams between (non-)club electronics and soaring futuristic arrangements. Playlist: nils & junis: Muslimgauze - Tanger Blanc Return Henning Christiansen - Symphony Natura Op. 170 Julius - ...Read More

Eastern Daze: Bratislava Audio Diary w/ Lucia Udvardyova. Bratislava – the little big city, as the tourist board calls it. Slovakia’s capital, lingering somewhere between the past and the present, is best encapsulated by a view from its ...Read More

Cashmere is proud to present a Cashmere Afternoons in two parts. Firstly, we present the radio play "Barbie & die Überraschungsparty', written, performed and directed by Ulrike Bernard and Markus Stein. In for the remaining hour, Sam Ridout presents ...Read More

Masha Tupitsyn's The Tarot Diaries Robert Bresson wrote: "Make people diviners. Make them desire it." An audio ...Read More

Please enjoy a rare studio session and interview of the two American avant-garde musicians/ composers, saxophonist Ken Vandermark and trumpeter Nate Wooley at Cashmere Radio Berlin. On the day prior to their duo performance at ACUD in ...Read More

Chronopolis präsentiert Generative Musik und Klangkunst. Mit Stücken von Alexandra Cárdenas, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Emanuele Porcinai & Deniz Le Vent, Max Eilbacher, Lukas Nowok. "Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream. It is not dying. Lay down all thoughts, ...Read More