A musical round trip between game and performance. On the one hand, the entertainment with vocoders, electro, TV shows, actualy a dynamic which invests the virtual and may run on itself. On the other hand, the performance, cold atmosphere, odd ...Read More

Ice FM invites Hardrock Striker, boss of Skylax records, and Fabio Monesi, boss of Wilson records. The show is cut in two part, one mix of Fabio Monesi then a mix of Hardrock Striker, who presents his last realeses, as ...Read More

"Great is the peace of the desert. Great is the lightness of a human adventure lost into it. He seems dead but lives in the common’s man imagination. In the desert, the soldier becomes a bandit and the landscapes a ...Read More

In its new episode Burn Like a Meteor, Ice FM invents the ideal apocalypse soundtrack. From the Last Judgement prophecy to the very personal version offered by Melancholia and its planet collision. Before ...Read More

Ice FM revisited the cult classic movie Electra Glide in Blue (1973) from James William Guercio and mixed soundtracks, ambiant, acid-rock and electro to create a poetic mediation on a lone lawman lost in desolate Arizona's Monument Valley right in ...Read More

Ice FM radio show was launched in 2011. Ice FM plays electronic and alternative music, fresh beats and vintage sounds. Ice FM dreams up an alternative and puzzling soundtrack for independent or series B movies. ...Read More

Ice FM is a radio show founded by Laurent Duparc and D.S. Ellum and broadcasted live from Radio Campus Paris 93.9FM. Ice FM creates collage & mix based on movies, soundtracks, ambient, electronic & techno music. Ice FM radio show ...Read More