This months episode of MGIE comes at a time when much is goin outside and Jazz man is here to help you see you through those times. As we enter fall and a winter season the jazz man made a ...Read More

In this months edition of MGIE, the Ernest Lee tells the news and gets geopolitical with everyone favorite duck autocrat-dear leader on the 2020 US election. We proudly introduce our latest idea: THE NEUKOLLN COWBOY!! a hero for time he ...Read More

In this months edition of MGIE, the world is upside down, the Jazz man fills in for the regular news caster and has a feather ruffling discussion about Qauckistans latest app, Quak-Tok. The world keeps on spinning and the Jazz ...Read More

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My Glass is Empty (MGIE) is a project that emerged out an original concept by artist/executive producers Michael Kugler and Christophe Darbouze. MGIE seeks to expand thought instead of dictate what to think with a variety of unorthodox content and ...Read More