LOST ORIGINS by GABI SCHAFFNER A journey along the subtle outlines of a fragmented map made up of sounds, signals, songs, chimes and rhythms From a Buddhist monastery to bird calls to wandering drones, this piece is all about tracking and breaking the ...Read More

Sambatas Soundings by Red Forest for reboot.fm Sounding Sambatas Many other walled towns have been razed to the ground by mighty movements of the earth, and many cities, citizens and all, have sunk to the bottom of the sea. – Titus Lucretius ...Read More

Sonic lament in memory of the Palestinian children that were killed by the occupation forces in Gaza and the West Bank during May 2021. The eighty two names and ages of the children were collected by the Palestine ministry of Health ...Read More

Radiom-Radiôme, the network of radio artists from the Greater Region located in between France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, formed in Autumn 2020 and started off with two improvised radio concerts in Saarbrücken (Germany) and Luxembourg in Spring 2021, as well ...Read More

We are already beaten by the summer heat here at Radio Papesse in Florence, that's why we'd love to escape to other landscapes and to linger on other soundscapes. The Po river is the longest in Italy, flowing through ...Read More

The Fierce Urgency of Now is named after a speech from Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat Representive in New York City, who used the phrase to talk about the need to address inequalities in America at the time of the storming of ...Read More

We are constantly surrounded by waves, vibrations, transmissions, traveling invisibly through and around us and carrying messages: information, 24-hour news feeds, talk shows, rock shows, data streams, conspiracy theories, sad songs, bad songs, operating systems, all of them whizzing around ...Read More

Francisco de Goya es considerado uno de los más grandes artistas de la historia, considerado como el padre del Arte Contemporáneo. Este año 2021 se conmemora el 275 aniversario del nacimiento de este aragonés universal. Es indudable que Francisco de Goya ...Read More

2021, the year of the Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom. Radio PANdemIK, a show that was so 2020, decides to change and becomes Vide&Co : into sounds rather than words, based on live improvisation rather than edited pre-recordings. Still ...Read More

Mortal Oscillatory Rates This radiophonic piece is inspired by the work of Royal Raymond Rife (1888 - 1971). He was a scientist, engineer and inventor now considered 'The Nikola Tesla of the Medical World'. In 1931 he built the Universal Microscope ...Read More